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Recent reports show that 70% of organisations intend to increase their investment in smart building technology in the near future. This is because like other smart technologies, intelligent buildings give the control of the asset’s environment and operations back to the owner.

Buildings of the future are designed to make human lives easier with the help of complex, smart technology. These smart buildings are any structures that use integrated processes, smart engineering or creative design to self-regulate the building’s environment and operations. Through these automated processes the building’s operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems are automatically controlled. 

Sensors, actuators and microchips are used to collect data and manage the intelligent building based on a set of functions and services. As a result, asset reliability and performance are improved, resulting in lower energy consumption, optimised space use and overall lower environmental impact. As part of a living organism connected to a network, occupants of smart buildings benefit from thermal comfort, optimised air quality, physical security, sanitation at lower costs and environmental impact than buildings that are not connected.

At Resync, we pride ourselves on delivering Smart Solutions for Smart Buildings. Through our energy cloud for smart building, property owners can start taking advantage of the power available in older structures.

In this post, the second instalment of our How do we do it? series, discover Resync’s artificial intelligence and data analytics driven solution for Intelligent Building Management.

Resync Intelligent Building

Even as the digital world evolves, we still live, work, and play in buildings. In commercial buildings especially, the well-being and comfort of occupants is key to productivity and tenant satisfaction. Delivering an optimal indoor environment with minimal energy consumption is fundamental to a best-value business model for building owners and managers.

With our solution, property owners can start taking advantage of the power available in older structures. There is no checklist to certify whether a building qualifies for being “smart”, but at the core of it is the fact that intelligent buildings possess integration. Making a building smart can be as simple as linking its core system, including lighting, power and water meters, with sensors and control systems so that it is connected and responsive to a smart power grid.

Whether our customers are managing a single building or a global real estate portfolio, Resync works with their existing building management systems to reduce total energy costs significantly. No changes to their systems or hardware are required. Tenants remain comfortable and productive while building system performance is optimised. Resync will directly and immediately reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint.

Our cloud based SaaS web application platform and advanced onsite hardware provides full automation for smart buildings. Integration of IoT devices and machine learning-based real time data analytics optimises energy generation and consumption of the building, which maximises energy efficiency, maintains operational reliability and provides monthly savings on the electricity bill. We have merged various intelligent demand side management solutions that provide real time monitoring of building’s energy assets, analytics capabilities using cloud computing & machine learning, IoT integration and predictive monitoring and facility management and a ticketing system.

Granular data monitoring and advanced analytics set apart smart buildings from traditional command and control solutions. Tapping on advanced demand side analytics and machine learning optimisations, our system delivers:

1. Multiple Sites Comparison: Real-time comparison of energy generation and consumption behaviour at the various sites within the same portfolio;

2. Detailed Site Overview: Real-time monitoring of a single site with generation, availability, events and component metrics allows users to instantly monitor their site performance.

3. Performance Analytics: Our sophisticated solution provides deeper appreciation of the building’s characteristics and energy use. By integrating various data streams, our analysis allows users to formulate new approaches for achieving their goals. Over time, users get real-time information on the impact of the new processes to make further adjustments towards their ideal of performance.

4. Customised Reports:  Real-time insights into any aspect of our customers’ building’s operation thanks to the IoT. With detailed data about their building, they get greater opportunities to make targeted improvements—and meaningful changes.

Our clients are back in control of their buildings’ environment and operations. Through tangible and strategic actions afforded by our Intelligent Building Management solution, customers benefit from energy savings and productivity gains, and strive towards real sustainability. With the strategies we provide they reduce energy costs, increase the quality of life of the occupants, improve building operations, and enhance decision-making across the organization.


Contact us and discover how our smart building solution can transform your estate into smart buildings benefitting not only you but all organisations and users within!

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