EV and Mobility

Smart Fleet Management for EV Owners

To effectively manage electric fleet vehicles where charging requirements represent operational efficiency, organizations must have a mobility service management solution that provides visibility into planning, scheduling, and routing combined with predictive technology to maximize efficiency for both consumers and EV operators.

Resync’s platform uses machine learning and AI to predict demand for EV charging services service. This is done by combining a variety of data sources, such as traffic, weather and historical data from the service itself. Predicting demand allows Resync’s platform to constantly rebalance the fleet, making sure vehicles are in the right place at the right time according to demand, thus reducing demand on the grid and allowing EVs to run on higher utilization rates.

Smart EV Mobility
resync ev mobility

Integrate your EV fleets on Resync platform

Integrate your charging operation and e-mobility digital services with end-to-end EV charging platform
resync ev mobility

Multiple fleet analysis & schedule optimisation

Real-time analysis of multiple fleet performances and intelligent scheduling based on total number of fleets
resync ev mobility

Scheduling and planning of optimal fleet charging

Ensure EV charging operation excellence and reduce total OPEX cost with innovative energy management tools
resync ev mobility

Forecasted demand and Predictive Maintenance

Smart charging management based on the forecasted models of energy demand and charging availability
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