Know your consumption, Save even more with NILM

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Friday, Sep 11
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Demand for electrical energy is increasing rapidly and is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years. However, as the world population continues to increase exponentially and fossil fuels are depleting rapidly, the rate and supply of electricity is definitely not sustainable.

Ever wondered which load consumes the most energy in your office or home?

At Resync, our data science team has developed and oversaw it through a promising approach called Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM). NILM is a process for observing changes in the power, voltage and current entering a building and disaggregating energy consumption into specific individual appliances loads that are used in the building without any hardware installation, which brings down the cost and installation complexity. It helps to have a full overview of your energy consumption profile segregated by energy appliances in real-time.

Our team has achieved impressive results in identifying critical energy loads and reducing energy consumption for our users. Knowing how electrical load is performing, helps you to understand what are the methods to reduce paying on electricity bills every month. Redundant energy use can also definitely be reduced through observing and analysing.

Want to know how your energy is consumed? Reach out to Resync, send us a request for the demo!


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