Loola Adventure Resort adopts Energy Management

Sustainability is at the forefront of discussion regarding the development of our natural environments.

Loola Adventure Resort is the world’s first eco resort located in Bintan, Indonesia, an active ambassador of sustainability. Empowered by Resync’s Energy Management System, Loola Adventure Resort is able to manage its multiple energy assets in an efficient and sustainable manner.

With multiple assets in place, Loola was looking for an Energy Management System to manage its multiple assets, especially Solar PV renewable energy, in an efficient and sustainable manner. This is where Resync’s Energy Management System was used to help Loola to understand its energy consumption profile and provide the tools to control the energy it uses and produces.
We have provided:

  • – Real time monitoring of generation and consumption
  • – In-depth analysis of solar performance
  • – Energy consumption breakdown up to component level
  • – Predictive maintenance
  • – Performance forecasting
  • – Net-metering and CO2 calculation

Using Resync’s Intelligent EMS solution, Loola has successfully improved their sustainability presence and reduced their dependence on grid/genset by 70%. Resync smart dashboards have helped Loola to automate their facility management, load consumption tracking and net metering. The evidence of sustainability in practice at the resort shows that, through the Intelligent Energy Management system implementation, Energy Efficiency and sustainable operation can be achieved for the smart ecosystem.

Energy visibility and control support current and future benefits.

Resync has become a key component of Loola Adventure Resort’s energy management efforts. The benefits include:

Solar Analytics and Net-metering

With the help of Resync’s EMS, Loola was able to significantly improved overall efficiency of the Solar PV system, which resulted in Loola being 60%-80% operated on green energy since November 2019.

Sustainability Awareness

Loola Adventure Resort team was able to visualize how, where and when they consume energy with the help of the energy management dashboard . This information can be easily shared with the rest of the business, so that awareness can be spread and decisions can be taken fast.

Fault Detection

Resync provides insights to energy loads – both circuit level and those consumed by individual equipment. This helps the Loola Adventure Resort team to spot energy draining and/ or malfunctioning equipment, and to actively monitor and investigate any unusual energy spikes.


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