Ocham’s Razor

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Friday, Oct 16
Written by:
Jayantika Soni

Today, we spoke with a client who is looking for a specific customisation for onboarding their new site. 

“I would like to maximise solar generation without allowing any export to the grid in on-grid cases and provide a diesel generator and solar synchronisation in off-grid cases. I also want a tailor-made solution that controls each section separately when the plant is on-grid and together when the diesel generator is in operation (off-grid).” – Client

However, their site is big enough to be split into two sections that can run independently. Both sections are supplied from the same grid however stepped down through different transformers for each section. For their ease of management, they split solar into two sections as well and paired with different grids for their operation. 

When designing Resync’s product, we had anticipated such a need may arise, our goal in mind is always to maximize the utilization of renewables while operating under the constraints set by regulation or physical barriers such as efficient operation of diesel generators. During the discussion with the client, we proposed a simple solution where the plant, even though physically split into two sections, can be treated as a single entity that can run in unison. The grid data measured from multiple meters from each section will be accumulated to assess the net import/export to the grid and solar for both sections will be treated as one single plant as well. In this manner, without customising the solution, our product can be easily scaled for plants which are physically distinct but operated as a single unit.

Past experiences have taught us to be cautious and plan for unexpected scenarios, and many times it leads to over engineering. However, Ocham’s razor (A simple solution is the best solution) should be close to heart when designing a product. We are simplifying the operation of renewable energy assets using cutting-edge technology that scales, talk to us to learn more about it. 


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