Smart Microgrids

Demand / Response Solutions for Microgrids

Aging infrastructure, the growing cost of power generation and the need to respond to disruptive technologies are all intensifying the pressure on utilities to invest in maintaining, growing and modernizing their service delivery assets. In today’s transforming sector, utilities are increasingly challenged to make decisions based on intelligent asset management that fully grasps the relationship between asset cost, risk and performance and the entire organization and supply chain. This holistic approach provides executives with vital information to understand, manage and exploit asset portfolios better, gain greater control of costs, reduce risks and improve customer and shareholder value.

With Resync’s Intelligent Virtual Power Plant solution you can turn data into insight, recognize and manage data as an asset class, and deploy advanced analytics to generate actionable insight that supports good decisions and boosts value. Experience from demand-response activities will lead to greater awareness of energy savings opportunities through improved energy efficiency

Smart Microgrid
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Synchronisation of multiple energy assets

Synchronise and operate efficiently multiple energy assets. Demand/Response solution for hybrid microgrids
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Realtime analytics using AI and Machine Learning

Unique Machine Learning models based on the user behaviour and energy asset performance analysis
resync solar plants wind analytics

Advanced real-time control and optimisation

Optimise and control your energy assets and maintain a productive environment with an advanced Resync platform

System performance based dispatch schedule

Reliably and efficiently, reduce costs and meet your sustainability goals with our portfolio of control solutions
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