Jun Xian Keng (JX) is a software engineer intern working on the backend of the Resync portal. As he finishes his traineeship with us, we caught up to reflect on his experience at Resync.

Let’s start by introducing what you worked on.

JX: At my work, I primarily work on improving existing APIs so that the data can be fetched efficiently from the database to be displayed to the customer for their energy generation / consumption insights.

So, if you had to summarise your mission with 3 words, what would your picks be?

JX: (Data) Fetching, Manipulation and Sending

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in Resync?

JX: I was given the freedom to do a large-scale restructuring of the Resync platform, and my efforts resulted in significantly more clean and readable code.

Great! What did you learn in this role? How did you grow professionally from it?

JX: As a semi self taught software engineer, every day is a learning opportunity; I learnt about industry best practices and new database concepts. I also had a chance to gain cross domain knowledge from other teams, like the IoT and Data Science ones,  every day.

It seems that teamwork was at the core of your success with us. What were your favourite aspects of being part of the team?

JX: I am grateful to have been able to work alongside talented and passionate developers. The culture at Resync is collaborative, and we are always pushing each other to write better software.

Can you share with us what you will remember most fondly of your time at Resync?

JX: Definitely the inside jokes, the meme culture and the fun lunch events (Mala Monday, Turkish Tuesday)!

Hahaha. I am curious to know why you chose to work in a startup.

JX: I chose to work at Resync specifically as they are a sustainability focused company. I believe that startups tend to be more lean and agile, and it is a perfect environment for an internship.

To end this interview and to give some guidance to those starting their professional journey, what do you think are the important traits to succeed as a Software Engineer?

JX: Attention to detail, caring for the code you write, and a little bit of perfectionism (but not too much!)

Sounds about right!

Thank you for everything you’ve done as part of the team and best wishes for your future career!

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