Telecom Tower Management

Advanced Management of Telecom and Cell Towers

Poor maintenance of assets and non-visibility on energy consumption only add to the complexity. Profits are getting leaner and SLAs tighter. An end to end site monitoring solution built on an unified IoT platform could be the panacea for Telecom tower operators’ woes.

Resync’s Smart Cell Tower Monitoring solution is a blend of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, enabling you to monitor cell tower sites from a centralized location. Our solution allows operations managers, infrastructure managers and network engineers to monitor and control various scenarios such as power sources, generator fuel leaks, unauthorized intrusions and more using sensors and connected devices. That makes it easier for tower owners to monitor and control their telecom assets remotely, regardless of its geographic location.

Telecom Tower
resync telecom management

Multiple site monitoring on a single platform

An integrated environment for monitoring, control, reporting and maintenance of multiple Telecom Towers
resync telecom management

Smart Alarm flow with Facility Management

Resync converts all alerts into incidents that will be recorded in the ticketing system and assigned to site technician
smart meter resync

Component level details of all energy assets

Fuel level monitoring and overview of the next refill due date, thereby preventing shortage and downtime
resync analytics

Predictive Maintenance with Smart reporting

Generate customised reports on asset performance and cut down on energy consumption and telco site downtime
resync telecom tower management overview

Be energy efficient today.

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