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Telecom operators need to provide their services every hour every day of the week. To maintain low costs and to ensure continuity of their operations in case of failures, diversification of energy sources, swiftly switching from one to another, is essential. However, maintaining and controlling multiple energy assets has its own challenges, and requires intelligent energy management to ensure system reliability at all times.  

In addition, drastically dropping prices of renewables and advancing digital technologies are pushing current centralized energy infrastructure to shift towards new models of distributed or decentralized energy generation and consumption. Due to the complexity of those systems, Intelligent Energy Management plays a crucial role to maintain system reliability and cost efficiency. Companies across all sectors are turning to energy management solutions as a means to reduce their operating costs. 

For Telecom tower operators, other challenges such as maintenance of assets, non-visibility of energy consumption and tighter SLAs make it even more difficult to achieve profitability. For them, the ideal solution involves an end to end site monitoring solution built on an unified IoT platform.

Resync has them covered. Our job is to ensure smooth operation of distributed resources and IoT devices, including renewable assets, gensets, ESS and batteries, HVACs and telco towers, without compromising on system reliability.In this third instalment of How do we do it series? We are diving deep into Resync’s complete Energy Management System for cell and telecom towers.

Monitoring cell tower sites from a centralized location is becoming increasingly difficult with expanding networks, increasing OPEX and significant security threats. A complete end-to-end energy management system sustained by a unified IoT platform is best fit for tower operators.

Resync’s Smart Cell Tower Monitoring combines the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, enabling clients to monitor cell tower sites from a centralized location. Resync’s energy management system operates continuously in real time, giving users the level of granularity needed for towers operating every minute of every hour of every day.

Our solution allows operations managers, infrastructure managers and network engineers to monitor and control various scenarios such as power source disruptions, generator fuel leaks, unauthorized intrusions and more using sensors and presence of  connected devices. With its integrated AI capabilities, the solution helps our clients identify patterns and anomalies from the collected data to plan predictive maintenance accordingly. That ultimately makes it easier for tower owners to oversee their telecom assets remotely, regardless of their geographic location.

Tapping on multidisciplinary research we carried on and our IoT expertise across industries, we bring a holistic tower monitoring experience, including the ability to leverage connectivity across multiple IoT solutions. Our solution provides:

1. Multiple sites monitoring: Resync’s web and mobile platform allows users to visualise, monitor and compare multiple sites under the same platform with our plug & play solution.

2. Individual Asset Analysis: Customers are also equipped with an overview and analysis of individual energy asset performance to better understand asset behaviour.

3. Analytics and Optimisation: Real-time and historical data analytics enable our customers to set a more systematic approach to troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

4. Customised reports: Users can customise insights among a variety of analytics options and generate tailored reports.

5. Real time control and forecasting: Customers gain real time control action based on optimal condition of the system performance and advanced trend forecasting.

At Resync, we collaborate closely with our clients to fulfil their existing requirements. We are able to assist them at every stage of their projects. We can help you design the system, with the wiring and installation, with the commissioning, and with the programming of the controller and other settings. Our knowledge of various control algorithms, which we gain through multiple deployments and technical expertise that allows us to deliver intelligent electronic control solutions that anticipate their needs.

Contact us and discover how our end-to-end and intelligent Energy Management System for cell and telecom towers can help you optimise and achieve complete control of your towers!

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