Intelligent Building Management

Smart Solutions for Smart Buildings

Even as the digital world evolves, we actually live, work, and play in buildings. In commercial buildings especially, the well-being and comfort of occupants is  key to productivity and tenant satisfaction. Delivering an optimal indoor environment with minimal energy consumption is fundamental to a best-value business model for building owners and managers.

Whether you’re managing a single building or a global real estate portfolio, Resync works with your existing building management systems to reduce total energy costs significantly. No changes to your systems or hardware are required. Building tenants remain comfortable and productive while building system performance is optimized. Resync will directly and immediately reduce your operating costs and carbon footprint.

Smart Building
resync smart buildings

Realtime monitoring and analytics of all assets

Continuous and real-time operational performance data of multiple smart buildings. Component level breakdown
resync solar plants wind analytics

AI driven optimisation and digital twin creation

Intelligent ML based control models for energy assets performance and digital overview of the buildings
resync solar plants wind analytics

Predictive Maintenance of component level scale

Key Performance Indicators down to component level. Diagnosis of operational features and notifications
resync smart buildings

Sustainability reporting & performance forecast

Detailed performance analysis and sustainability reporting for a single building or group of buildings lifecycle

resync intelligent management overview

Be energy efficient today.

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