3 benefits of controlling your energy analytics remotely


The global energy infrastructure has transformed due to the digitalisation of energy resources. This digitalisation has been made possible due to advancements in IoT-based architecture, the deployment of millions of sensors to propel smart grid technology, and leveraging on AI and machine learning to analyse ‘big data’ from energy assets. A compelling aspect of this digitalisation is that data can be stored and processed on cloud platforms, allowing energy assets to be managed remotely.

With the endeavour to increase building performance and efficiency while maintaining low operational costs, the reliance on remote, AI-based energy management systems has grown. This is especially so for businesses with multiple buildings or sites, where managing energy consumption can be challenging in terms of accuracy and cost to deploy manpower across various locations.

A remote monitoring system is also increasingly important for energy management personnel and facility managers as it can provide real-time information for more accurate and up-to-date energy performance analytics. Furthermore, as the COVID-19 pandemic brings forth a new normal of lockdowns, safe-distancing measures and work-from-home arrangements, there is an added push towards all things digital and remote work.

Here are 3 benefits of controlling your energy analytics remotely:

Take control and proactively cut back on your energy consumption

Most businesses often feel hardest hit by their utility bills. Energy blindness – not knowing when or how energy is being used – and bill shocks are common and can affect any type of business. With an intelligent energy management technology and IoT platform, Resync allows users to remotely monitor and control their electricity through an interactive dashboard. Instead of waiting to receive a monthly or quarterly bill to monitor various sites, our dashboard helps you to visualise the amount of electricity that you are using, when you are using it. System performance concerns can be addressed strategically and proactively to minimise undesirable impact to overall business operations. At the same time, remote monitoring enables you to be mindful to manage and reduce your energy consumption in real-time, and identify energy consumption spikes that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Receive accurate and timely analytics

Whether you have solar assets, batteries, or energy meters, Resync reads your information to provide an in-depth look at your business’s energy usage. Our deep analytics offer you insights and recommendations by using heat maps, performance comparison, trend evaluation services and so on. This data can be accessed within a few clicks. And the best part is, you do not even have to be in the building to take these control actions. This not only reduces the scope of error, but also makes energy management and efficiency cost effective.

Achieve system health, optimal performance and energy resilience with the help of a single, synchronised platform

A common challenge when managing multiple sites is not knowing how to make sense of the data generated from various energy assets. Resync’s platform allows users to synchronise multiple energy generation sources, measure and analyse multiple sites all in a single platform. With analytic algorithms in place, we break down energy usage up to component levels, perform real-time control on HVAC systems based on building occupancy and variable pricing. Additionally, our AI enhanced solution uses big data analysis to perform predictive maintenance and smart facility management (ticketing system). Having access to building performance data and faults ahead of time provides technicians with a greater sense of preparedness to expedite maintenance and repairs. Without the need to laboriously configure system alarms manually, the technical team is better able to evaluate data and provide instructions to the entire team more efficiently across multiple sites in a timely manner. Using a shared remote dashboard between employees also improves communication and coordination within the technical team and reduces operational bottlenecks. With remote monitoring in place, businesses can achieve overall system health, optimum performance and energy resilience.

Energy efficiency is more than just a buzz word, it is a paradigm shift where the government, businesses and organisations are becoming more conscious about energy usage. Resync empowers users with energy management tools to support their journey towards securing a more efficient, intelligent and sustainable future.

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