How Resync Uses AI for Efficient Energy Management


The global energy market is undergoing a huge transformation. From centralised power grids to distributed and decentralised energy resources, more than 25% of the world’s energy would soon come from renewables. This shift is driven primarily by drastically dropping prices of renewables, a digitalised ecosystem and move towards adopting smart grids – grids that can operate both in tandem with central grids and as self-sufficient power units based on software and intelligent controls to manage electricity flow in networks. There are millions of sensors being deployed as part of the smart grid initiative and this expansion in smart grid technology has led to an increase in data generation and collection, sometimes without knowing how the data can be utilised. The decentralisation of energy assets, management of large numbers of grids and efforts to keep the grid in balance can be a tricky endeavour. 

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) in place, however, the flood of data owing to numerous grids and energy assets can be processed, evaluated and analysed quickly and efficiently. After all, AI provides a robust platform for machines to build intelligence over time as it learns from and absorbs real time data. As a result, we can draw inferences, perform inductive and deductive reasoning and understand our energy generation and consumption patterns better.

At Resync, we leverage on the power of AI for efficient energy management in the following ways:

We facilitate running our customers’ energy systems at the lowest cost possible while maintaining system reliability and sustainability (if and when applicable)

We take into account your energy assets in any format, both generating (e.g. solar and battery) and consuming (e.g. air-conditioning and electric vehicles), grid pricing, and your appetite to keep your energy supply carbon neutral or negative. Our machine learning (ML) algorithms figure out your evolving consumption patterns and run it through an optimisation algorithm to ensure your electrical systems operate at optimal cost and energy-efficiency. Using our on-ground real-time controller, we also provide actionable insights as generated and analysed by the ML algorithms based on all data collected from your hardware and energy assets. All this information can be visualised on our cloud platform, where you can monitor in real time how your energy assets are performing, and what control actions need to be taken.

Our cloud platform can seamlessly integrate data from your hardware as well as other data sources over FTP server and APIs

Data collection and reporting can be time consuming and laborious. Resync automates the entire process with a single click of a button on your desktop to generate customized reports. We provide technical solutions on platforms designed with optimal human interaction. Our ability to provide multiple site monitoring from a single platform empowers users to manage their assets efficiently. Each energy asset is analysed in as much detail as possible. All data collected is cleaned and analysed using our data science and ML tools to provide you with accurate insights. Some of our key features include automated reporting, predictive maintenance, forecast of load and solar energy, and real-time analytics.

We offer a unique trend analytics feature

Usually, renewable energy assets or distributable assets do not have a trend analytics feature that you can obtain from a centralized generation. Our platform provides a trend evaluation of how assets are performing, their degradation level, analytics level and so on. We also provide predictive maintenance scheduling based on our ML algorithm and automated ticketing system based on ML predictive analytics. Our system can coordinate maintenance work and determine the most optimal time to do so, in order to minimise costs and disruptions to your operations.

Resync is committed to help you become more energy efficient using the power of AI. Our energy efficiency solutions have a proven track record of up to 30% energy savings and 10% productivity gains for our customers. To get a deeper and visual insight into how Resync works, check out this talk given by our CTO, Dr Jayantika Soni, at the Microsoft Tech Community APAC Online conference as part of the She Loves Tech community.

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