3 Ways your Business can Benefit from Energy Management Systems


For many businesses, energy consumption costs make up a significant portion of the budget. Beyond concerns of bills and expense statements, the impetus to mitigate energy consumption has also arisen due to social and environmental trends owing to climate changes and growing expectations of commercial environmental performance.

Traditionally, in order for commercial entities to assess energy consumption trends, they would conduct the occasional energy audit. Based on information gathered from these audits, managers may consider implementing process changes to optimize energy consumption and make the switch to high-efficiency equipment. However, a major drawback of relying only on intermittent audit reports is that companies do not have real-time or continual access to their energy consumption data. According to a report by Accenture, “50% of initial energy savings disappear within the first six to 12 months due to a lack of continuous monitoring, analysis and corrective action.” 

This begs the question – is there a more reliable and consistent way for commercial entities to manage their energy consumption? 

Resync recognises that today, companies across all sectors are turning to energy management systems (EMS) as a means to reduce their energy footprint and operating costs. Energy management can broadly be defined as the proactive, organized and systematic management of energy use in a building to satisfy both environmental and economic requirements. 

Resync’s very own EMS revolutionizes energy management and offers a cost-effective solution for businesses. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Forecasting - Resync uses historical and real time data analytics to predict energy generation and consumption trends. Incorporating EMS can thus enable businesses to understand their consumption patterns better i.e. knowing when energy is consumed most intensely, which machines contribute to this, understanding how much energy is required for productive work etc. Learning about peak energy usage in hindsight through perusal of monthly electricity bills is a less effective way of making corrective action, especially when compared to utilising EMS. This is because EMS is able to forecast, with reasonable accuracy, energy consumption trends. Access to such data also enables businesses to track their progress and develop up-to-date strategies to cut energy costs. As a result, businesses are better able to make informed decisions and adopt a smarter and greener energy consumption behaviour

  • Load shifting - Load shifting addresses concerns of “when” rather than “how much.” Most business experience peak as well as off-peak hours. With the availability of energy consumption prediction data, businesses can anticipate energy consumption peaks and leverage on shifting energy consumption from one time period to another, in an attempt to stagger and spread out the total amount of electrical energy provided to perform business operations over a longer period. Especially in situations where utility rates vary according to peak hours, shifting energy consumption loads can generate cost savings. Resync's EMS solution is designed to identify opportunities to save energy by automating this load shifting process without compromising on business operations. 

  • Long term energy savings plan - A comprehensive understanding of the consumption profile of existing energy assets enables businesses to enact better capital investment decisions. Equipped with detailed data and realistic energy consumption estimates, businesses can rationally weigh the benefits of new energy-efficient equipment against their purchase costs and other related expenses (e.g. decommissioning and disposal costs, production downtime etc). Resync’s EMS can also provide indications of deviations between business’ targeted electricity consumption and targeted electricity costs for ease of tracking and identification. The availability of these information assist in overall tracking of energy KPIs to reduce operational costs. Adopting an intelligent EMS is crucial for businesses to maintain system reliability, cost efficiency and manage the environmental performance of commercial buildings. Resync is at the forefront of developing various intelligent EMS that synchronise multiple energy generation sources, provide real time control, monitoring, and analytics using cloud computing and machine learning, and aggregate multiple sites in a single platform.

To learn more about our services, please reach out to us at info@resynctech.com.

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