Resync Year 2020 in Review


As Resync persevered and welcomed changes brought about by COVID-19, we had to adapt to new norms such as working remotely while maintaining collaborative work towards eco-friendly energy optimisation.

Before we embark on new adventures in 2021, we’d like to look back on some of our 2020 highlights! Without the immense support of our partners, stakeholders and collaborators, we would not be where we are now.

Remote Installations

Resync worked towards providing quick and easy solutions through the use of devices and technologies that can be installed remotely by everyone and anyone in the world to provide increased productivity and efficiency in every building.

Company Video

Resync welcomed businesses and consumers who wished to find out more about energy-saving solutions. If you aspire to have a career in the field of energy-saving technologies, we want you to be a part of our family too!

Watch our company video here.

Non-intrusive Load Monitoring

We have recently introduced a new and promising method to monitor energy consumption across various appliances in households and buildings. Read on to understand how this can help you save on your electricity bills.


We are honoured to announce that Resync is one of the 5 projects to have been awarded the EMA-ESG Joint Grant. We are part of a group of companies that put technology theories into practical use in the market.


Resync came in 1st place in the local Steedstars’ competition! Let our co-founder, Emir, share about Resync’s purpose and the impact that he wishes to make in the energy industry here.

EcoLabs Award

Resync won the EcoLabs Special Award at PowerACE 2020! Resync is committed towards building a robust and sustainable energy ecosystem in Singapore. Resync pledges to continue to introduce more innovative solutions to benefit industries and households in Singapore and globally

BloombergNEF Feature

Resync was featured on the monthly publication of reviews on recent projects, partnerships. Product launches, policies and fundraising. Get up to date with the recent news and information regarding digital technologies and energy industries here.

Summation Award for Best Mentor

Dr Jayantika Soni was nominated for the Best Mentor Award at the New Frontier: Deep Tech Opportunities and Jobs organised by SGInnovate in September 2020. Resync is proud to have Dr Jayantika Soni lead the team and pass on valuable knowledge to the team of IoT engineers, software engineers and data scientists.

Events & Awards in 2020:

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