3 Benefits of Smart Plugs


According to the Globe Newswire, the market for smart homes is set to increase internationally over the next few years. One particular smart home device whose popularity has grown in tandem with smart homes is the smart plug. Greatly resembling the looks of a power-point adapter, a smart plug fits between the appliance and power socket. Unlike ordinary plugs, smart plugs can be connected to Wi-Fi, controlled remotely and grant users (automated) control over their household appliances.

How does a smart plug work? As long as there is internet connection, users are able to control smart plugs via voice command or a companion app. For example, users are able to switch appliances on and off without having to be near the appliance or socket, thus making regular household appliances more intelligent. Smart plugs that are app-based can even record/ store information such as energy consumption of appliances, which helps users to understand and track their energy behaviour better. Let’s take a look at some benefits of utilising smart plugs in smart homes.

A smart plug is convenient

As smart plugs can be controlled remotely with an app, appliances can operate at scheduled timings. Users are able to delegate some of their workload to these smart plugs while focusing on other tasks. For instance, smart plugs can be scheduled to operate toasters and coffee machines in the morning so that breakfast can be prepared without the hassle of waking up earlier to make preparations. With a simple smart plug, users can enjoy the convenience that it provides. Especially in a country like Singapore, ranked as one of the world’s most sleep deprived nations (according to CNBC), a simple smart plug is a convenient solution to waking up later, and to breakfast at that.

Smart plugs keep users safe from overcharging mishaps

Smart plugs are designed to control electrical usage and allay concerns about the risk of electrical hazards such as overheating, overcharging devices and an exploding battery if one forgets to switch off the power supply when away for extended periods of time. With smart plugs, users can now switch off the power supply remotely and with peace of mind. Furthermore, complemented by the provided information on when devices would finish charging, we are now able to more easily determine when we should schedule the switch to be on. Besides avoiding overcharging mishaps, charging our devices for the most optimal period of time also preserves the devices’ battery life and health.

Smart plugs help to save on electrical bills

Given that the world is increasingly digitalised and dependent on technology for both work and school, it is common for individuals to own multiple electrical devices. Managing multiple devices and ensuring that the switches are promptly switched off to prevent electricity wastage can be tedious. A smart plug is able to ease this concern as power supply can automatically be switched off when devices are not in use or already fully charged, to prevent unnecessary consumption of electricity. This use of excess power, otherwise known as standby power, takes up 10% of a household’s total energy consumption, according to the government-owned electricity and gas distribution company SP Group. This is indicative that households tend to pay more electricity bills unnecessarily. With the use of smart plugs, users can ensure that power is efficiently used, and reduce their electricity bills at the same time.

Resync also leverages the use of smart plugs for integration into our smart building and smart home solutions. Specialising in providing scalable energy efficient solutions for both buildings and residential homes, Resync offers an all-encompassing app which allows users to have real-time information about their overall energy consumption, ranging from smart plug devices to air conditioning units. With this app, not only are users able to optimize energy consumption for smart plugs, but for every other device and appliance that consumes electricity too. Tapping on smart plugs in our solutions, Resync further underscores how smart plugs can be beneficial to users in terms of convenience, safety and cost savings.





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