Resync turns FIVE!


Resync is FIVE! We celebrated our 5th year as a company together with current and former team members. We had a great time commemorating Resync’s best moments over games, good food, confetti and cake!

Opening Speech and Trivia Quiz

We kicked things off together with the remote team by having our CTO and co-founder, Jay, giving a short speech about the journey that she and Emir had undertaken to form Resync and thanked everyone for their contributions and support. We then played an anniversary video featuring the many wonderful moments the team has shared together for the past five years. Right after, we played a trivia quiz, with questions ranging from the company's first address to quirks like the total number of cats that both co-founders have combined.

Funny Awards Presentation

After tucking in to a delicious dinner, we had a Funny Awards Presentation, where certificates were given out to team members who have been voted as top for certain categories, from 'Best Laugh', to 'Human Megaphone Award' and 'Office Comedian'.

Team Games

We then launched into some team games, with Indian Poker being the first. Indian Poker challenged us in terms of our communication skills, as we had to plan a date, time and venue for a picnic all while being handicapped with different limitations on post-its on our foreheads. Our second game, Flip Cup, was more of a party game as four teams chaotically raced to finish the drinks in our cups and then flip them right side up one after another.

Best Dressed

Finally, we had a Best Dressed segment as team members came forward to share how their outfit aligned with the theme 'Tribute to Resync'. Our HR & Marketing Executive Aisha handmade some solar panels, our Machine Learning Engineer Kunal came as electricity, our Data Scientist Naveen crafted a microgrid that he attached to his top, while a group had an ensemble, presenting a data-set as a graph complete with both X and Y axes. Our IoT Engineer Kabilan came dressed as an IPC that he made from a cardboard box, and shared that he chose the IPC as it was the first thing he had to work on when he first joined as an intern. It was interesting to see how our team came up with different ideas when adhering to the theme, and their creativity has certainly shone through!

Over the five years, we have grown from a team of 2 to almost 30 passionate and resilient individuals. We couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has contributed to Resync’s growth, without which we would not be where we are today. Thank you for being part of our journey and here’s to many more years to come!

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