Transforming Chiang Mai University, Thailand into a Smart Campus.



Chiang Mai University (CMU) is a prominent institution aspiring to pioneer as Thailand's inaugural smart campus. The university faces challenges in effectively monitoring and optimizing energy consumption. In response, CMU has enlisted Resync's expertise to implement digitalization and analytics, aiming for a comprehensive transformation of its energy management system. This strategic partnership seeks to address and overcome the current hurdles, propelling CMU towards its goal of becoming a technologically advanced and energy-efficient smart campus.


The challenges confronting CMU were multi-faceted:

  • High Electricity Cost: The university grappled with soaring energy bills, prompting a need for cost-effective solutions.
  • Manual Facility Management: Operational efficiency was hindered by ad-hoc and manual processes, necessitating a streamlined approach.
  • Lack of Sustainability Tracking: CMU lacked a robust system for monitoring sustainability metrics, posing a challenge in aligning with eco-friendly practices.
  • Lack of Real-Time Visibility: The absence of timely insights into energy usage hindered the ability to make informed and prompt decisions.
  • No Portfolio Visibility: A comprehensive overview of the entire building portfolio was lacking, impeding holistic management strategies.
  • Ad-Hoc Maintenance: Reactive maintenance practices posed a barrier to achieving optimal performance, highlighting the need for proactive solutions.

Solution by Resync:

In collaboration with TDED ( BCPG Public Company Limited ), Chiang Mai University embarked on a transformative journey to evolve into a smart university. Recognizing the need for cutting-edge energy management solutions, the university enlisted the expertise of Resync. The strategic partnership aimed to revolutionize the campus's energy infrastructure and efficiency.

Resync, a leader in energy management, formulated a comprehensive strategy centered around the deployment of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). This innovative approach involved integrating advanced digital technologies and analytics to optimize energy consumption across the university's diverse facilities. The VPP not only addressed the challenges identified earlier but also provided a scalable and sustainable solution for the university's evolving energy needs.

By leveraging real-time data analytics, Resync enabled Chiang Mai University to gain unprecedented insights into energy usage patterns, empowering the institution to make informed decisions for cost savings and sustainability.

Solar Energy Asset Management:

  • Real-time monitoring and analytics for 141 solar-equipped buildings.
  • Predictive maintenance and component degradation analysis to maximize efficiency.

Smart Building Management:

  • Seamless communication and real-time data aggregation from individual chiller and HVAC systems for 9 buildings.
  • Enabled potential real-time control for demand/response algorithm.

Energy Storage System (ESS) Management:

  • In progress of establishing real-time communication with battery BMS.
  • Once integrated by Q3, Resync EMS is expected to perform optimization of charging/discharging conditions for the Energy Storage System.
  • Exploration of off-grid microgrid operation during instances of grid outages.

Smart Campus Solution Impact:

  • 15% boost in Facility Management (FM) efficiency through real-time alarms and predictive maintenance.
  • Expected 12% increase in overall energy efficiency with energy disaggregation and real-time analysis.
  • 4% rise in Solar PV yield facilitated by Resync's real-time solar analytics and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) features.
  • Estimated annual impact of up to $300,000 savings from the Resync's Smart Campus solution.


Resync's tailored solution not only mitigated the existing challenges faced by CMU but also positioned the university at the forefront of the smart campus initiative in Thailand. The collaborative efforts between BCPG, Chiang Mai University , and Resync underscored the potential of innovative energy management solutions in reshaping the future of educational institutions towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced paradigm.

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