Why Founders Should be Honey Badgers


Resync is thrilled to announce that co-founder and CEO Emir Nurov appears as a guest on the newest episode of the Midstage Startup Momentum Podcast. This is a weekly podcast hosted by startup coach Roland Siebelink. Every week, it features the leader of one of the most exciting and promising startups in the world. Naturally, it was a huge honor for a startup founded in Singapore to be invited onto the Midstage Startup Momentum Podcast and be given a platform to share our story with the rest of the world.

During Emir’s conversation with Roland, he talked about what Resync does and how the startup has grown over the last handful of years. Emir spent a lot of time praising the team at Resync and how integral they’ve been to the success of the company. Roland seemed particularly impressed with the amount of traction Resync has achieved given the size of the company. 

To share some snippets from the podcast, here is what Emir had to share about the competition in the market of Intelligent Energy Management solutions:

There will be competition and we can't...take our time to expand. The competition is always healthy because this is something that is driving us to achieve more, achieve faster, and deliver more value proposition to the end user and continuously innovate. Definitely there is some competition in the market... we do see new players... large companies trying to penetrate into this market and trying to delivery similar solutions. Some of them even made acquisition offers to us. For us, we try to push to our best and to the limits of our best what we can, and then see how the market moves. But so far, it has worked out well. And we have the belief of our investors and they're quite supportive, so we tell them, "Hey, we need to be quick in this market. There's a lot of low hanging fruits."

Emir also shared Resync's approach to facing tough times in the market: 
Instead of just looking to be a unicorn very quickly, it's also (a) balance (to strive and be) a camel... to sustain, maintain finances, and eagerness to grow a bit more... We are targeting to be profitable, to have operational stability, and then slowly expand. Of course, we do have some growth opportunities that we propose to our investors, and if they're supportive of that, then we move ahead. But we are quite aware in terms of the market conditions and how to be cautious about expansion.

A highlight of the sharing was also when Emir touched on the value of the entire team, to which he said:

I'm the one who does the talking, but I think the real job and the real work is done by our team and team members, and we value them a lot... That's the reality. They're hardworking and I think (that's) the most important part they also believe as much as we do into the mission and vision that Resync has. And that's really, really important. Because, as every startup, we might not be the best paying, we might not be the best operating company, but with that vision, with that mission in mind, I think they compromise a lot, they work long hours themselves, even without us asking. Sometimes we have to tell them, "Hey guys, go back home, spend some time with family."

Of course, throughout the conversation, Roland and Emir touched on a variety of topics, which is why we’re encouraging all Resync supporters to take a few minutes to listen to this week’s episode of the Midstage Startup Momentum Podcast.

For more, tune in here: midstage.org 

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